Letting This Domain Expire

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Hi all, I wanted to let you know (it's a little late, I'm sorry) that I'm letting the domain, Your Money Is Your Life, expire.  I used it as a test bed for generating eBook ideas and for telling you my progress on various projects.

I intended to run this experiment for 1 year and that year has passed. I cannot say that I made much progress. I did begin a project but I never finished.

However, I intend to re-start the project now over at Money Hacks. There, you can get the latest updates to Stock Investing Basics as well as up-to-date information and articles about personal finance, investing, saving, and all sorts of other money matters.

Please take a moment and bookmark Money Hacks and change your feedreaders to http://feeds2.feedburner.com/moneyhacks.

I appreciate your continued support and for letting me run this little experiment.

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