by Michelle Taylor

If you have a bad credit rating, you are not the only one. There are many debtors that are sailing on the same boat as you are. Every debtor is trying to explore ways in which they can restore their financial well being. It is possible to get a bad credit debt consolidation but you may have to pay a price for having a bad credit history. What is the price?

If you are planning to take out an unsecured debt consolidation loan, the rate of interest you will have to shell out will be higher. Why do creditors charge very high interest rate from debtors with bad credit rating? This is because if you have a bad credit rating, it indicates that your repayment capacity is poor. So, extending a consolidation loan may prove to be risky for the creditor.

The high rate of interest is charged so that it acts as a safety net for the creditors. However, it is quite difficult to get bad credit debt consolidation loan as creditors have adopted very stringent lending norms. As compared to other types of debts, credit card debts have escalated manifold. There are 2 prominent reasons why credit card debts have assumed an uncontrollable proportion.

One of the prominent reasons is that the credit card issuers changed their credit card payment policies and altered credit limits. But the same alterations were not communicated to the credit cardholders. As such the credit cardholders continued using the credit cards as per previous terms and conditions. Soon they started defaulting on their credit card payments.

Another reason that caused credit card debts to escalate was the fact that credit cardholders started using plastic money for making payments for their basic needs too. But these credit cardholders were not able to keep up with the payments. This caused credit card debts to escalate.

So, if you are looking for a bad credit debt consolidation loan, shop around for a creditor that will charge the lowest interest rate. When you consolidate your credit card debts with the help of a consolidation loan, you merge all your debts into a single debt account. This makes your debts manageable. Thereafter, you are required to deal with only one creditor.

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Letting This Domain Expire

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Hi all, I wanted to let you know (it's a little late, I'm sorry) that I'm letting the domain, Your Money Is Your Life, expire.  I used it as a test bed for generating eBook ideas and for telling you my progress on various projects.

I intended to run this experiment for 1 year and that year has passed. I cannot say that I made much progress. I did begin a project but I never finished.

However, I intend to re-start the project now over at Money Hacks. There, you can get the latest updates to Stock Investing Basics as well as up-to-date information and articles about personal finance, investing, saving, and all sorts of other money matters.

Please take a moment and bookmark Money Hacks and change your feedreaders to

I appreciate your continued support and for letting me run this little experiment.

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I'm really digging Open Office. It's slow, but powerful. Once the application is launched, it works pretty well.

I was having issues with hyperlinking, but I've got those figured out.

One of the nicest features of Open Office is the built-in PDW export feature. It's not only great for outputting a PDF file (just like Adobe's Acrobat, only $$$$ less as in FREE), but it preserves any hyperlinks you have.

Yes, clickable hyperlinks in your PDF ebooks! That is too cool.

I am looking for an ebook cover creator. Free would be best, but it has to work and produce beautiful results, so I'd consider dropping some money if it really worked well.

I've seen this - E-Cover Creator - and it looks promising, but it costs $27 and I'm wondering if there's anything out there as good, if not better, than this for less (as in free)?

I'd like to put a pretty face on the package when it's complete. Of course, I would like to be able to replicate the cover making with other products that I develop.

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Entrecard Issues

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One of the free traffic sources I use in Entrecard. I really like the "barter" network there and I've found some really good blogs, as well as having a pretty good exposure to new and varied audiences through their advertising platform.

Plus, did I mention, it's FREE?

Well, I just encountered a bump in the road with Entrecard's policies, one of which is your blog has to remail "current."

Totally my fault, of course. I haven't been updating this site because it was created primarily to complement the creation of my free ebook, Stock Investing Basics, and I just haven't had the ambition to finish it due to the underwhelming performance of the stock market.

So, when my account was deleted, I fired off an email, saying, basically, that while it's your policy, it would be really cool - and easy - if you could just send a reminder before you just cut me off at the knees.

And, oh, by the way, the currency of Entrecard, "credits," disappear.

I was more than a little perturbed. I never expected anything to come of my email.

But, something did come out of it. I got in touch with a really nice fella there named Matt, who is doing all he can to get me back to where I was.

I REALLY appreciate that!!!

It seems that nowadays, customer service has gone out the window, or to India, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when customer service actually embodies the values companies purport to have.

In this case, Entrecard made a bad customer experience into a good one. One of the conditions of getting my account restored is that I write 5 new posts. This is number 4.

Next post, rapid fire from here, will get me back on the Entrecard saddle.

Lesson to be learned here - read the Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service. It's YOUR fault if you don't follow them.

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Stock Investing Basics - Status

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Okay, I'll admit it, with the crummy economy and cruddy stock market that goes with it, I haven't had the heart or desire to work on Stock Investing Basics.

But I feel - or least hear - change in the air. Is it Phil Collins? Or is it Barack Obama?

Time will tell. And in time, I'll complete the book and start giving away a finished product.

Thanks for your patience!!!

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If you lost your house, your car, all other assets, your job, what would you do?

Now, I'm not talking about suffering from debilitating disease where you spend all your money, sell your assets, etc. to pay the medical bills, only to lose your job and its income...that would be a real hardship!

But what if you made a colossal mistake and lost everything?

What would you do?

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President Obama and the Economy

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Just saw part of President Obama's press conference...the guy has his head on straight where the economy is concerned.

It's like he took some basic econ in his college coursework! Now, if only members of Congress actually lived in the real economy, we'd get something done.

Don't forget that the economy back in the '30s actually had a few false starts, then spiraled down deeper than the last cycle. It could happen here, though I think there are other factors at play this time around.

Bottom line: If Consumer spending and Investment are down, Government spending must go up a concomitant amount just for zero growth.

Republicans: Read that last sentence twice, starting at Bottom line!

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