I've been using Microsoft Word forever, and before that, Wordstar (yeah, long time ago). I thought I'd try something new, so I embarked on using one of the online, "webby" tools, like Zoho Writer or Google Docs.

I don't like either, but for very different reasons. Zoho is feature-rich, but clunky. Google Docs is pretty sparse and it doesn't work in some environments (not sure whether it's the firewall or something else). Should I go back to Word or should I just grunt it out and use Docs with a portable drive for writing on the road? I suppose I could always use Blogger...

And since I'll be publishing the book, Your Money Is Your Life, in eBook format, what tools converts to such easiest?

What do you suggest? What tool or tools do you use?

Your Money Is Your Life: The Book

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Like every other financial blogger, I am writing a book. It is to be called "Your Money Is Your Life." The site, Your Money Is Your Life, will serve several purposes, the first of which is to chronicle my authorship of the book. It will serve as a diary about how things are going with respect to the book's development.

Secondly, this site will serve to sell and promote the book. Yes, sell it. I'm being blunt. If you don't buy stuff, go to my other financial blog, Money Hacks. There, you will find a plethora of articles about personal finance covering the gamut from earning more money, spending it more wisely, preserving it once you get it, and growing it.

Thirdly, Your Money Is Your Life, the web site, will serve to link to other really great books -- books that have already been written and books that are being written. I will use this forum to recommend books that have helped me through the years. Additionally, it is here where I will lend support to my fellow bloggers also writing books. I will offer links, recommendations, advice, and general support. It may serve as an affiliate site, in a sense, where I sell others' books while I write my own.

I don't expect daily entries here, but perhaps once or twice a week, with the occasional shout-out to my friends also writing books. I think there's enough of a market for the type of stuff I write about so that we can all prosper without crowding each other out.

I will say that I expect my book to be published in eBook format, for around $10. The plan is that this is the first of many. There's so much to cover in the personal finance area that a 20-volume encyclopedia might not suffice. Further, changes in the economy, the culture, and the tax code, among hundreds of other possible changes, will always allow new material to enter into this broad market place.

The really cool thing about blogging about personal finance is the fact that I can post information as it becomes available. So, too, can I do the same with eBooks. No need to republish to paper when I can simply type some edits, or add to an existing volume, and republish electronically.

So publishing electronically will allow me to keep you abreast of changes that take place in a much more rapid way than if I simply published to paper.

Are you with me? I hope that this endeavor brings all of us a little closer to the financial stability and stature that we so richly deserve.

Thanks for reading and show me your support through emails, comments, and clicking on the ads! They help me survive on a day-to-day basis.