I'm really digging Open Office. It's slow, but powerful. Once the application is launched, it works pretty well.

I was having issues with hyperlinking, but I've got those figured out.

One of the nicest features of Open Office is the built-in PDW export feature. It's not only great for outputting a PDF file (just like Adobe's Acrobat, only $$$$ less as in FREE), but it preserves any hyperlinks you have.

Yes, clickable hyperlinks in your PDF ebooks! That is too cool.

I am looking for an ebook cover creator. Free would be best, but it has to work and produce beautiful results, so I'd consider dropping some money if it really worked well.

I've seen this - E-Cover Creator - and it looks promising, but it costs $27 and I'm wondering if there's anything out there as good, if not better, than this for less (as in free)?

I'd like to put a pretty face on the package when it's complete. Of course, I would like to be able to replicate the cover making with other products that I develop.

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